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Nov 15, 2010
Hey Gang,

I wanted to let everyone know that Louis Garneau sent us a pair of shoes today to use as leverage to gain another possible donation. The shoes are Louis Garneau [SIZE= 12px]CFS-150 SHOES (CUSTOM FIT SYSTEM), Value $299.95. They are brand new and available in any size. We only have one pair so the first donation gets them. Please post a reply if you decide to take them. [/SIZE]

[SIZE= 12px]A donation must be made in the amount of $200 or more to receive the shoes. Please allow 7 days for arrival. [/SIZE]

[SIZE= 12px]Shoe Description: [/SIZE]


Donations may be made directly online by going to the following two links: Donation are located at the top or bottom of each page.


[SIZE= 14px]About Chance 2 Compete:[/SIZE]

Established in 2010, The CHANCE 2 COMPETE Foundation (referred to as “C2C”) is a non-profit corporation that supports and encourages athletic competition in today’s youth regardless of financial limitations. At C2C, we believe athletic participation to not only be a vital part of life but a necessary one at best.

Grants, Scholarships and Sponsorships will be awarded to those whom meet C2C qualifications (Academic Standings, School Attendance, Community Involvement as well as but not required…any athletic involvement, accomplishment or goal). Once a month, C2C board members will meet to review all possible candidates. Each of the said candidates selected will be posted, subsequent to a board review, on the C2C website as a tribute to their academic and athletic accomplishments. Each month, all newly submitted prospects along with each of the current beneficiaries will be re-evaluated for admission into the program. More information will become available as time progresses.

[SIZE= 14px]Chance 2 Compete Mission:[/SIZE]

Struggles in reaching ones athletic potential may not always come in the form of physical or mental limitations. They may not always come in the form of injury or ailment. In more cases than not, they will come in the form of financial viability or lack there of.

Every day children are faced with financial difficulties that “can” and “will” limit both their ability to compete and even share in the pastime of sports competition. The indirect or negative impact a child may feel through such a travesty as a family, community or school faced with economic hardships can and will be enormous.

Sports activity and more importantly healthy competition play one of the most vital roles in a child’s development today. They help to harness good sportsmanship, work ethic, etiquette, honor, pride, humility, victory and even defeat. They teach us as young adults how move together as a team through life. Athletic participation has also been shown to help bring out a healthy aptitude for competition and young mindset tailored around reaching ones aspirations and goals. In fact, there’s not one negative connotation to a young individual participating in today’s exciting world of sports competition…and it is for these very reasons Non-Profit Corporation Chance 2 Compete was formed.

It is through the Chance 2 Compete Foundation we will create a subsidy that prevents the decline of athletic competition in today’s youth plagued by economic poverty. Either directly impacting a child’s family, a partnership enabling schools the means to necessary to offer a more well rounded athletic curriculum or working hand in hand with low-income communities... “we” now have the resource in Chance 2 Compete dedicated specifically to this cause.

It is our goal to see that today’s youth, regardless of family income, are given the same athletic opportunities as someone blessed with financial strength. With the foundation of C2C, we will see to it that every child has a chance to turn athletic potential into reality, A Chance 2 Compete.

Our goals have always been bold, our vision profound and a passion undeniable within today’s business world. Through these traits, we will hopefully impact the world around us.


Mark Gingrich - Board President, Founding Member

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