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    I changed to a smaller frame size (Cannondale 54cm CAD3 to a new 52cm CAD4 frame) I was setup with a 110cm stem to fit on the 54. Will this mean that I need to increase the stem length because of the smaller 52 cm frame (toptube ?) How will this effect the seat setup and crank or will this stay the same. I am aware that I can go for a "pro" setup but first want to understand the stuff before I go for the bike setup

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    Aug 11, 2001
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    Geez, how long are your arms if you ride with a 110cm stem! ;D
    imo your bike fit should be such that you need'nt go longer than a 10 or 11cm stem. A good way to measure correct stem length is after you have set the seat height, fore and aft position, with the hands in the drops and elbows slightly bent, the head at an 45° angle, the handlebars should block the view of the front hub.
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    Sorry guys, the 110cm should read 110mm
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    You'll need to increase the stem size the same amount the top tube is shortened to keep the same position.
    Check the credibility of the person who will "set you up", read some books by "heavies"- LeMond, Hinault, Eddy B. John Howard etc., look at videos of the Euro Pros see how they "set up".
    NEW NOTE-When watching the "Pros" pay attention to the relation of their elbows, when they're "in the drops", to their knees, ( especially the better riders), and of course the bend of the leg. Most of them will have the bars much lower that the saddle for more power, ( from the glutes), and better aero, many riders aren't limber enough to do that though.

    Ride Adjusted
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    Thats some good advise Pat, you cant go wrong following that IMO

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    Hi guys . There is a 10mm diff in the top tube and I had to change from a 110mm to a 120mm stem. Even the bio-racer showed that. Thanks
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    I've always set my bar/stem so I'm most comfortable in the position I use most (I ride in the with my hands about 5cm either side of the stem). Some people use the hoods..

    The drops are for sprinting (or climbing if you're Pantani!!) and should be set up for optimum power delivery. Aero is important but any of ride in groups negating the need for good aerodynamics.

    One point thats often missed is the knee in relation to the pedal - if you drop a plumbline from front of your knee is should pass through the centre of the pedal when your crank is in the 3'o'clock position (as far forward as it goes).

    All these 'tips' (obscure the front hub, knee over pedal etc) are guidelines and you should set your bike up to match your needs/characteristics (flexibility as previously stated, back trouble, arthritis etc.)

    A 110mm stem sounds really long for a 52cm frame - are you sure you're man not ape? ;) I ride a 59cm with a 120mm.
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    Dont know, can you recognise the 2 apart.?