Changed form Campy to Shimano


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Oct 24, 2001
I just changed my Campy Ergolevers with Tiagra as well as the rear derailleur to a Tiagra Triple. The Shimanos are much smoother and more precise. I just miss my thumb lever. Why did I do it.....nothing against Campy but they are not Tandem proof. I will keep the Campy's and build a racer for my wife.

I kept the Campy triple front derailleur but it seems the STi's just does not have enough throw to change up or down. I can go to the top two or the bottom two. Anybody got any ideas or should I rather get a Tiagra Triple front derr.

I just figured how the Flight Deck works!!!!! More difficlut than the remote for the video. My kids are out of the house now, they could have helped with this!!!!!!

I also had my fornt wheel with the mount hubs built on a DRC rim. 27 km into the race at Samcor all and I mean all spokes were loose. I luckily had a spoke spanner with me (yes Tandems always carries a full but basic toolkit!!!!) and sat next to the road tightening the spokes. Got going and mind you the wheel were quite true!!!!! Did not finish the race though. Turned around. I gave my LBS who built the wheel some lip though.

Must get used to all this electronic gadgetry and get the front triple going for Ou Kaapse Bliksem!!!!!!

Keep those wheels spinning!!!!!!!!

Big H