Changing cassette body on Mavic wheels

Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by Ainsie, Feb 24, 2008.

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    I have a set of Mavic Aksiums (08) set up for Shimano. Am considering a change to Campag and wondering if I can change the cassette body on this wheel so I can still use them on Campag, or would the whole freehub have to be changed over at a minimum?

    If this can be done where can a replacement cassette body be sourced for this wheel?

    Many Thanks!

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    Think so. All these wheels use the same, plastic bushing type freehub(same as 'cassette body'). Take one off, put other on, pretty sure-about $60.
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    Jul 23, 2005
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    You have many options ...

    As Peter has suggested, the freehub is readily replaced (you can either keep the Shimano splined freehub OR re-sell it on eBay for close to what a new one will cost you from your LBS) ...

    You can use "conversion" cassettes which allow you to use a Shimano-compatible wheel with a Campagnolo drivetrain ... WHEELS MANUFACTURING & AMERICAN CLASSIC make some ... the wheels cannot be hot-swapped with a true Campy wheel because the cogs will be offset differently from the hub's centerline -- that is, the smallest cog will be a lot closer to your rear dropout with the conversion cassette than with a Campy hub & cassette.

    In the past, the American Classic cassettes started at around $80 ... however, they may cost more, now. The Wheels Manufacturing cassettes cost more.

    Or, if you only need 9-speeds, you can fudge a 9-speed Shimano cassette with 10-speed Campy shifters ... initially, you can continue to use your 10-speed Shimano rear derailleur (or, a 9-speed rear derailleur with the rear derailleur alternate cable anchoring) which I reckon will give you close to the same indexing as a Campy rear derailleur.

    You can also use either a Shimano OR Campagnolo 8-speed cassette with Campagnolo's 10-speed shifters.

    Maybe I'm not thinking this out properly, but logic dictates that if you currently have a 10-speed Shimano drivetrain & only want to change the shifters, you should be able to be able to simply use the connection with a pair of 10-speed ERGO shifters & 10-speed Shimano rear derailleur to achieve Shimano's 10-speed indexing OR something very close to it ... maybe, not.
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    Just Google "Mavic freehub".
    Here's one link, chosen at random: