Changing your riding position to suit the type of ride you're on.

Discussion in 'Next Generation' started by Joe Burnie, Sep 25, 2012.

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    Hi all,

    I am a final year Product Design and Engineering student looking into a possible new product for cyclists. The new product will allow the cyclist to adjust their handle bar position (and thus their riding position) easily without tools. The product might have a similar control to dropper seat posts or lock out / travel adjust forks (i.e. can be used with no tools and possibly whilst riding the bike).

    The idea behind the product is that the cyclist may want to change their riding position between a “sporty” position and a “comfort” position depending on the conditions they are riding in, who they are riding with and their personal fitness. For the “comfort” position the handle bars would be higher and closer to the rider transferring their weight mainly to the seat. For the “sporty” riding position the handle bars would be lower and farther away from the rider allowing them to transfer weight and power to the pedals.

    Any feedback on this product idea would be greatly appreciated. Please let me know if you would find it useful or know someone that would. Also please note that by responding to this post you understand that your response may be used in a project which will potentially be on public display, although no reference to you will be shown.

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    There are currently ajustable stems on the market wich accomidate different handlebar positions- I believe however that they require some tools (Allen key?) to adjust.

    The problem with adjustability is that many folks who ride regularly may not be excited about this. Even small changes in position can cause muscle soreness or injury for folks who ride a lot. The best application for this seems to me bikes that need to be switched between different riders- like at a bike rental place.

    Good luck.