Charge spoon saddle ???

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Aug 18, 2015
Read a lot of good things about these saddles. Even had people get upset comparing them to high end models during forum debates so they must be good ha ha! I love the ti Terry Fly I had back in 05. $69, few years later $89, then a few later, now $175! :eek:

Can't get myself to pay that, got some WTB saddles that do me well right now. But one is slightly falling apart. Read a ton of good reviews about the Spoon and very little unhappy customers. So I guess it is worth $30 to find out if it's worth it or not. Usual ride is about 40 miles and short 10 milers midweek.

So I'll try it and if it doesn't do well on the longer rides, I'll swap it over to my MTB.

Any experience? Just keeping my fingers crossed but $30, I hope! :D
Yup! I know it is only $30 but praying by some miracle it might feel near as nice as my old Terry Fly. Fly was $60 back in 2005. Can't believe it is up to 175 now! :eek:

If the spoon doesn't work quite the way I want, then it will go on my MTB for offroad which are usually an hour or 10 miles at most. I can survive that.:p
Usually saddles that come with bikes new suck, I got a new touring bike and the saddle sucks.
Really funny but I got a Trek saddle in 1996 and a 1997 Cannondale saddle (forgot their housebrand back then) on new roadbikes and I ended up really liking them. Ended up with just the right amount of flex making them sweet rides. I rode them till they fell apart.

Other than that, yeah, all stock saddles have sucked.

Coda !!!! That was it, the Cannondale stock saddle was named Coda.
If you really want another Coda saddle you can still find them unused on EBay, just look for either NOS or NIB saddles:

I don't know how long ago you had that Coda saddle but I discovered that our butts change as years go by. I had a really comfortable Avocet Touring anatomic saddle that came with a 1979 Trek 412, loved that saddle, well it wore out of course and I couldn't find that saddle anywhere; fast forward to about 2012 I bought a factory like new 85 Schwinn Le Tour Luxe with all the original stuff including a Avocet Touring Anatomic saddle, what luck I thought, but the darn thing wasn't comfortable for me anymore! The saddle only had about 200 miles on it when I bought the bike so the saddle wasn't worn out by any means.

That Schwinn was my bike camping/touring bike, I crashed it about 6 months ago due to a hit and run driver, bent the fork, such a shame for a bike to be in that condition to die like that. Thank God I didn't die! Anyway I had to buy a brand new bike to replace it, ended up with a Masi Giramondo 700c, I really like it but the bike is a tad heavy but it's stout and it has everything I wanted on a touring bike. Haven't gone touring yet on it due to parks are all closed, hopefully by the end of May things will open up.
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Hmmm, vintage Coda saddles $20. Not bad but when I had left over or removed saddles, I posted on local bike forums so that I could give them away ha ha! But people want to make a buck, understandable. I once had a Selle Italia saddle ($110) that people raved about back in 05. Killed me the first 500 miles. Finally took it off and put it in the closet. I mentioned couple years after I removed so a guy asked how much. Heck, just take it and use it, I'll be happy. Not that I would expect these guys to give it away for free on the net. But sometimes it seems more a hassle over $20.

But got the Charge saddle today and it looks much like a Coda saddle. Only time will tell as I have no real need for it right now. So I'll check it out on my MTB for a little test riding. IF it works, I know I will be worth placing on the roadies if one of the current saddle fails.

Funny though, one of the reviewers gave it lower stars saying the side panels were not reflective. Hmmm, I took a couple of pics with the flash and yeah, the strip is there. Can't see with the naked eye but with light,yeah!

BTW, ebay seller "trailthis" excellent transaction! Ordered the 21st, promised the 27th, but received it today on the 24th ....3 days ahead of schedule via USPS.

You have to be careful reading reviews, some reviewers have no brains whatsoever, they can't follow directions so they give it a poor rating because it didn't work right; in your case even IF that seat didn't have the reflective strip...who the heck cares? You don't rely on reflective (passive) stuff to keep you safe anyways, you rely on active lighting to keep you safe. I've read a lot of moronic reviews over the years and it just amazes me the stupidity of people.
I must agree! I have seen people take an item down from 5 stars to 4 because they did not read the description. Too many stupid people in the world. :p

I myself did not see it with my naked eye as it is cleverly disguised. I'm surprised that it is reflective as it blends right in with the rest of the saddle but it is there. I guess the not so smart people would not try putting a light on it. o_O

And even not smarter person would not go back and edit their stupid comments. :D
Ha! I did a 40-50 mile rides to start, don't remember but I did a 62 miler couple weeks back on the saddle. The FIT is just right for me. Been a month and a half, did nearly 500 miles in May, mostly on the new saddle.

Rode the tandem the other day having the same saddle that was replaced by the Spoon. I replaced the saddle as it started to tear on the covering (WTB saddle). I was comfy on that saddle though sometimes you don't know what you are missing till you actually compare the 2 choices.

So riding the tandem, the saddle just didn't feel as nice comparing it to the Spoon. So I ordered another knowing it would make the tandem that much better of a ride. No real problem, just knowing the Spoon is a better fit, can't go wrong for $29.

Last time the saddle was $23, this time $29 so figured I better buy one before it goes up too much.

I have seen some ebay stores selling the same saddle for $69+. Hmmm! I'm not paying more than I have to ha ha!

We all know saddles are personal so I am not saying go out and get one, just saying I am surprised at how nice this saddle fits and feels for less than $30.:cool:

Butt anyway, picked up a second Charge Spoon saddle, should be here Friday! :D
Hmm! For a few reasons, I recently purchased a “hardly” used Fuji Absolute 1.4 flat bar road bike or performance hybrid or whatever, and sold my Specialized Roubaix road bike. The Fuji came with a Oval Concepts 300 saddle. I found this better, for me, than my Selle Italia MAX Flite saddle (!) - I guess I’m somewhat strange.

I sold the Selle Italia saddle and bought another Oval Concepts 300 on EBay. The point is that whatever works is right for you.
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. The point is that whatever works is right for you.

Exactly! I've enjoyed it so much, 2 months later I ordered another for the tandem. Last night, I ordered a third for my other roadie. :D

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