Charity Dream Bikes


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Jun 10, 2004
Easton is and has been raffling off bikes for charitable causes at a rate of one a month. The first was a Calfee; the second was a an aluminum Rock Lobster; and the bike for this month is a steel Black Cat, a pretty hot looking Black Cat at that:
There are more pics of the Black Cat here. Still to be auctioned off are a Ti Caletti and a steel Hunter. Sadly, all of the bikes are a size 56 (whatever each builder determines a 56 to be), but I can choosing that size to fit a large number of riders so that a winner doesn't have to be put on a wait list for a given builder. This isn't an ad for Easton or any particular builder but rather an example of bicycling and in particular the bicycle industry doing something really good. The bikes certainly aren't short changed when it comes to kit either (Di2 on one, Dura Ace 9000 on others, Easton Aero 55 wheels). It's also an excuse to look at really hot bikes. Sadly, I can't squeeze my corpus on bikes this size, but I would be more than happy to sell off a frame, gruppo, and other kit on eBay. The wheels I definitely would keep.

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