Chart for chainrings and cogs



A long time ago I found a website with a chart and ready reckoner for working out chainrings and cogs for track. All my links are inactive/died.

I'm fiddling with different options at the moment and need the chart to help me out. Also any technical discussion would be of great assistance.

Can anyone help me?
redhendren, I did a search on goolge and found many links for you, but I'm not sure if this is what you want.
Goto Google and type the following into the search line:


Type exactly as above. Play around with different words to get other results.
Thanks Vo2! :D

I have a chart and I'm on my way. The other issue I was looking for was really about not pushing too big a gear on the track. From what I can pick up track is about being smooth and spinning. Spinning smaller gears can bring about similar but often better results.

When pushing bigger gears it can lead to bouncing around and loss of smoothness.

Any clues? 8)