Chase the Sun Mountain Bike Series @ Lysterfield Park!

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    Entries are now Open!
    The first 100 people to enter the series gain exclusive car park access @ the venue, all other car parking is 1km offsite.

    Click here for more info!

    Chase the Sun Mountain Bike Series

    You like mountain biking, right?
    Love going for a ride with friends or family?
    Ever had a bet with your riding buddies over who could ride the 'Blair Witch' or 'Buckle' Trails the quickest?
    Ever wondered how far can you ride from sun rise till sunset?

    Stop chasing your tail - Chase your mates - Chase the Sun

    Spread throughout the year, with varying amounts of sunlight available, each event is a challenge to ride as many loops of the sensational Lysterfield trails as you can before the sun sets.

    How do I enter & what class is for me?
    There is a class for everyone and remember, you don't need to ride the whole time. To get a result all you have to do is ride one lap at the start and one at the end... what you do in between is up to you!

    A unique ProTeam format where teams of two will fight it out for large cash prizes at each round all the while accumulating points towards the series championship cash purse.

    ProTeams may nominate a team roster of up to four riders at the start of the series and may chop and change from within that roster prior to each round.

    A Corporate Team category for teams up to three riders, so we can decide once and for all who are the Australian Corporate MTB Champions.

    Husband & Wife Teams for those who can't get enough of each other and love getting down and dirty MTBing together. No marriage certificates needed!

    For those of you who are Just Good Friends, we have a category for you as well! Two men or two women will get you into this one. No questions asked.

    For the Young Guns; get your school's team in the class for secondary school teams of three riders.

    Of course where would we be if we didn't give the Solo's a platform to prove just how hard they are?

    Lysterfield Park (Home of the Melbourne2006 Commonwealth Games Mountain Bike)

    Four events staged at the home of mountain biking. Do just one, or do them all.

    8th April 2007 // 20th May 2007 // 1st July 2007 // 19th August 2007

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    I can't wait. It's great to see MTBing events with actual prizemoney (as opposed to getting your entry fee back, if you're lucky). Not having to travel for hours is great too.