Cheap Bike Saddle for Upright Riding in College

Amy Elinski

New Member
Jul 6, 2014
Hello! So, I'm looking for a new saddle for my city bike. I'm looking for something comfortable with a wide seat and preferably with springs. I am not looking to spend too much on this saddle (so please don't tell my to buy a brooks unless you can find one under $50 for me). This bike is supposed to just last me for the next three years until I graduate college and can upgrade to a nicer bike, and I don't want a saddle that will attract thieves since bike theft is somewhat common on my campus (I always lock my bike, but there are still ways around that). I would also like something with a longer seat post (if that's a thing). My current one I damaged by accidentally placing too close to the end of the post and bending it... Also at the maximum height the seat's still a little too short. I'm not too picky about seat material. Leather's nice, but that's generally expensive so I'm willing to forgo that in the name of thriftiness. My current seat is just a cheap vinyl seat and I'm perfectly content with the feel of the material. Any recommendations?
For that category a vynil seat is actually better since it will not absorb rain as much. It makes me cringe to say, but the walmart offerings are pretty decent for uprights. Not so much for distance commute but good for campus.
I do believe that vanilla seats are quite good. You can easily get it on amazon or Walmart. But the price can be quite happy high at times.