Cheap Christmas Presents


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Oct 26, 2001
As we all know X-mas is coming and it's time for present giving and recieving ;D.<br /><br />So now it's time to write a wish list, the deal is though I they have to be cheap. I'm not talking about a new bike or wheelset, I'm talking about stocking fillers.<br /><br />For example a Continental GP3000 would be at the top of the price range, it could be a new light or as I'm tempted to put on the list sealskin socks(how good are they ?).<br /><br />so does anybody have any ideas?<br /><br />
Bandana, Massage sessions, saddle cream, new chain?<br /><br />Even frivolous items like a better set of spokes could be nice. You got a camelbak yet? make any Roadie blend in with the MTB'ers...
Need more info on sealskinz.<br /><br />What dat? <br /><br />Does it entail clubbing baby seals?
sealskinz are water proof socks<br /><br />they have a breathable waterproof membrane between two heavy fabric layers. You can turn em inside out and fill them with water and they don't leak.<br /><br />good for wet weather riding or MTB rides where you get to cross creeks (in that case get the ones with the special cuff)<br /><br />i have had a pair for ages and they work great<br /><br />No baby seals were hurt in the writing of this post ;D
A Co2 bomb kit is a cool gift for those that don't have one. If you already have an applicator, then just a couple of bombs.
About R200 for 2 bombs and the applicator (£14). The bombs cost about R30 (£2).