Check Out My Bike T-shirt Design, And Vote For Me If You Like It!


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Mar 25, 2015
Hi! I made this bike t-shirt design for a contest and thought ya'll might be interested in it!
If it wins, I'll get $250 and it'll become the official 2015 Twilight Criterium shirt. If you like it and have a sec, could you vote for Celia Fisher?

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Won't the dark background be hot in the summer? You know, when you're biking or on the beach in the middle of the day sitting on a white bucket with a chunk of bunker on a 10/0 hook tied to a 12' Shakespeare combo with 30 pound mono.
........and the bike is going downhill, makes you look like a lazy bastage! Make it go uphill!

Plus shouldn't the chicks have girl bikes as a design and not mens bikes? Are you reaching out to the Lesbiano's.....I'm confused, in fact scrap the whole design and start over!

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