Chinese astrology calendar - free download, and Feng shui guide

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    Chinese astrology calendar - free download, and Feng shui guide for 2004

    Dear Friends

    with the Year of the Monkey upon us, Master Simon Wong, the leading feng shui and Chinese astrology
    master in europe, would like to share some information with you. Master Wong is genuinely seeking to
    spread feng shui as widely as possible, so I hope that you won't consider this message spam.

    Firstly, he is publishing a monthly Chinese astrololgy calendar on his website that you can download
    free of charge. here's the link:

    He's also has some some Chinese customs to bring you good luck for the Year of the Monkey:

    Lastly, he has a new book 'Success in 2004: Flying Star Feng Shui & Chinese Astrology' available to
    download online now. It covers the period from 4th Feb 2004 - 3rd Feb 2005. Master Wong is unique in
    that he is one of the few masters out there combining Feng Shui and astrology to a high degree.....
    and certainly the only one to be publishing books in english

    You'll find the information on the book here:

    Master Wong's 2002 book can be downloaded free of charge so you can see what to expect. Even though
    some of the information is no longer relevant, there's still plenty of fascinating stuff in there

    also in spanish:

    thanks for your time and best wishes for the year ahead.