Chip in carbon fiber top tube


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Aug 25, 2006
I came to visit family this week, and loaded my roubaix expert into my car. It seemed to be packed just fine, everything was secure and was free from touching anything else in the vehicle.

I unloaded my stuff this morning to find a)the front wheel, which isn't on the bike, has gone flat and b)the bars have rotated so far that the right side drops are wedged under the top tube. I still have absolutely no idea what caused either of these things to happen, as when I went to unload, everythign looked the same as when I loaded...fine.

Anyways, when the bars rotated under the top tube, they were wedged in there extremely tightly. I don't see how any force could have been applied to wedge them under there. However, it appears that the metal cap on the drop made a small chip in the underside of the top tube. It's very small, about the the size of the tip of a normal bic pen, but I'm wondering if I need to get this checked by my LBS, or sealed with a touch of epoxy before I wash the bike as I'm not sure what water would do if it gets in the CF.

Thanks for your help.

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