Chipotle Meatball Soup

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    Crammed with veggies and using the grocer's "Chipotle Chicken & Turkey
    Meatballs, this soup esily feeds a dozen people, with each serving
    having 3-4 meatballs.

    Put together in this order to almost cook each veggie before adding the
    next "section" (divided by a blank line:

    2 boxes chicken broth
    2 cans vegetable broth
    (up to 3-quarts liquid)
    1 med. Diakon, 1-4" sticks 1" long
    6 China beets, 1-4" sticks 1" long (smaller tops shredded to add last)
    12-16 smaller 3/4" carrots, sliced thin
    3-4 golf-ball-size shallots, sliced thin
    8" of scallion whites, sliced thin
    1 single celery stalk sliced thin, or use 2 heaping Tbsp. dried
    Penzeys: sea salt & fresh ground black peppercorns, granulated garlic,
    dried red & green pepper bits, Bouquet Garni, and Italian seasonings
    all go in at the beginning.

    1 can diced tomatoes, Italian seasoned
    2/3-3/4 bag of frozen whole "tiny" green beans, cut to 1"

    1 box Organic frozen spinach, thawed or broken up
    1 can small black beans, rinsed well
    2 single pound pkgs. Chipotle meatballs, whole
    1 head Napa cabbage, shredded
    1 bag of teeny white mushrooms, rinsed and only roots trimmed
    At the very last, a shake or two of cinnamon-nutmeg mix.

    Simmer for only a few minutes more to wilt the cabbage and blend in the
    last seasoning, and serve with a good crusty buttered bread for