Choice between Trek, Specialized and Giant entry level road bikes


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Mar 5, 2003

I'm looking at getting an entry level Road bike, and it looks like the Giant, Specialized and Trek bikes are pretty good.

This is the Specialized Allex 24


Alu frame, cro-mo forks, sora/tiagra groupset, alex double wall rims.

Now we have the Giant OCR 3


Alu frame and cro mo forks, but with the aero blade, all sora groupset.

finally the Trek 1000


Alloy frame and forks, Alex rims, sora groupset once again.

Personally I think they are all great entry level bikes, but what would everyone here recommend or consider? Any stories to tell about these bikes?

Thank you so much.
Go to the next level/model up and get all-Tiagra components. Tiagra has STI shifters which makes it compatible with 105, Ultegra and Dura-ace. Sora isn't. If you want to upgrade the components when they wear out, it'll be easier with Tiagra. The extra paid now will save you money a year down the line.

Giant is the World's largest producer of bikes. They not only produce under their own name, but also produce bikes for other well-known US-based brands on your list (but not Trek).....

Giant are normally good value but the cost savings are usually in places like seat posts, stems, saddles, hubs. Look for Shimano hubs. You can get spares for those. Avoid the Giant adjustable handlebar stem. Use it to get the right fit, then change it for something without the adjustment.

Neil, London, UK
although I've not ridden or owned a giant, I am wary of them.

a friend of mine who has been riding and racing for about 20 years bought a compact frame giant a couple of years ago. I don't know what model, but it had a somewhat aero/bladed carbon fork, and ultegra or da components (one of the higher priced models, I'm sure).

it shimmied so badly on speedy descents that he would sometimes ride the brakes and get dropped way off the back; it scared him. after fighting this problem for a while (months) he sold the bike and went back to riding his old bike.

last summer, liking the way compact giants fit him (and evidently forgetting his past troubles), he bought the new carbon fiber giant. again, he sold it a couple months later because of the same problem...terrible shimmy.

I know giant sells lots of bikes (but how many road bikes compared to it mountain bikes?), but I can't think of anyone else I know who rides one. obviously once does alright with them, but I'd be wary. anyone else have this type of experience?
I agree with NEO - go one level up and get the Tiagra groupset.

My first choice however would be the giant, a very good looking bike. In a recent survey done by a popular mag in SA they established that 37% of the readers ride Giant.

I also have a few friends with Giants and no complaints from them. If I had that money I would have bought myself the Giant Once ...but allas:(

If you don't like it then I would recommend the Specialized.

There is a lot of people in our country riding Trek 1000 but the problem is that they get bored with the bike quickly and I would say that most people upgrade within a year. I also had a look at the bike but I think a bit expensive in comparison with the others.

As for me, I decided to go one up and get the Tiagra Groupsep. Just look around, you will find it at the same price as an entry level bike.