Choice of second hand bikes (fairly urgent advice needed as going to see them on 25th)


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Aug 24, 2013

Looking online at second hand bikes locally I found two which are a good brand (I think) and seem to be a good price for what they are. I would like some advice on which, if either, would be a better choice.

1. A 2007 model Norco One25 for £275.00 medium/large frame (around £900 new in 2007) (may be able to haggle a bit) bike is listed as 'as new' only ridden a few times for commuting.

2. A 2006 Model Giant XTC Composite Carbon small size for £500.00 (around £1400 new in 2006) the closest spec I could find was the 2007 version or the 2013 version - this one is more used, but again it is listed as virtually new.

The Norco is a jump bike, yes, but it has a nice light frame and decent brakes. Compared to what I could buy new for that money it appears to be very good. it is a little smaller than I would like. but i can live with it for the short commutes.

The Giant is a better bike I think, carbon with a higher saddle, but is nearly twice the price. As I am a total novice when it comes to bikes, is this one worth the extra dough? the frame size is around the same, and if the 2013 version is anything to go by then it's stand over height is actually less than the 2013 version of the One25. Really at 6'2 with a 34" leg i should be loooking at bigger bikes, but I need a bike now, and don't want to waste £300 on an overpriced brand new bike that will fall apart.

As a bit if background:

I cycle to work but the distance is very short, only around 1 mile each way, (with a small off road path section) but I am about to start a martial arts class that is around 4 miles away and with no bus route. I need to be able to get there reliably twice a week on very busy main roads with several huge hills (up and down) in both winter and summer as I share a car and my partner needs it for work. There is also the strong possibility of needing to commute further to work as I may soon be changing jobs.

My current bike is a really rubbish old Raleigh that weighs a ton, has 2x5 gears and is in really bad condition. It was given to me free second hand, and now 3 years down the line it is close to death, many rusted parts, all cables, tires, breaks etc need replacing. gears need to be sorted out as they keep jumping and the chain keeps coming off. The previous owner smothered the gear assembly in engine grease to cover up the rust. I have been quoted more money than I would like, over £150.00 to fix it all up with new parts etc, which does not seem worth it as the thing is a piece of rubbish anyway.

I want a good bike so it encourages me to ride more, and is more enjoyable + safer with some decent brakes. I initially looked at new stuff in halfords etc, but after reading many online reviews I came to the conclusion that most of the sub £300-400 is not really up to much and are overpriced.