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Discussion in 'Bike buying advice' started by Baston, Feb 27, 2009.

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    I am currently at university and next year I will most likely have to travel to get on to campus. Instead of forking out for a bus pass I want to buy a new bike. I haven't bought a commuting bike in a while now, so I thought I'd ask for some advice.

    I will be travelling mainly relatively short journeys but occasionally in the summer I like to go for longer reacreational rides (25 Mile-ish).

    I had a Dawes Galaxy that I rode for longer rides but I found it a bit unruley when I used to ride it for 4/5miles to college and back. As it was a touring bike it wasn't to adept to going down cycle paths and through urban back streets. The slick tires did make a big difference on the straights but I ended up using an old Raleigh Nitro to get around on as it was easier to manuver past parked cars and around tight corners at speed.

    As a result, I have been looking at hybrid bikes in hope of getting the control of my old Nitro yet the greater speed of my Galaxy.

    I'm currently looking into the following bikes:

    Felt QX75
    Raleigh SF1.0
    Scott Speedster S60 FB
    Claud Butler Levante

    I probably wont get the newest model (probably 2007/8 to save on money) unless someone can suggest a really good reason to invest in the newer versions.

    I also looked at the Felt QX70 which has front suspension but I'm guessing that is just going to compromise my speed for very little reward considering I will be mainly on roads and am not really that bothered about a bumpy ride.

    Any advise, suggestions or opinions would be greatly appreciated.


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    Based purely on the components (slightly better level than are on the other bikes you referenced) I would say that the Felt is probably the best bang for your buck. Felt makes a great bike. Don't forget that you can lock out the front suspension eliminating any travel in the forks. So, speed shouldn't be an issue.