Choosing a bike, does it just come down to preference?

Discussion in 'Bike buying advice' started by rtnlsltn, Mar 6, 2010.

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    I posted up here before looking for recommendations, I decided I needed to go out and ride the bikes. At this point, I've ridden just about every bike my local shops carry in my price range and style I'm looking for. I'm looking to spend around 2k for full carbon, 105, and race geometry. This is my first road bike, all of them feel basically the same to me. They all have 105, carbon, all are between 1750-2000, and are all solid bikes. All shops have similar expertise, all have been very helpful. All shops are within 5 miles of my house. How does one choose? Is it as easy as picking the one that I like the look of best?

    The bike's I've ridden:
    Felt F5
    Felt Z5
    Specialized Tarmac Elite
    Giant (race frame w/105, full carbon, forgot the name)
    Giant (endurance frame w/105, carbon, forgot the name)

    The only bike I have yet to ride that I would like to is a Cervelo. I love the paint on the Felt bikes, and I also like the tube design of the Specialized bikes (beefier bottom bracket). I can currently get the Felt F5 (2010) for $1750, the others are right around $1900-2. I don't really care for Trek since I had a bad experience, so they are on my "do not buy" list. Also, I'm 5'9 170lbs.

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    Yep, if you like the way they all ride, and they have exactly the correct size for you, then get the one that looks so good that you just can't wait to ride it when you see it.

    Also, think about how long you plan to keep the bike when deciding on the paint job. Sometimes ultra trendy paint jobs look really cool when first purchased, but 5 years later........ :eek:

    And you might want to read some of the posts on Felt bikes. Seems they can have some manufacturing issues..
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    Absolutely. Everyone posting will tend to favor the bikes they ride and enjoy--but ultimately IMO, there was something other than tech specs that made them decide to buy *that* particular bike.

    As I've discovered in the past year or so shopping, all bikes within certain price ranges, offered by major manufacturers, are going to have similar levels of performance, excellence and acceptance among their fans.

    You mention a bad experience with a Trek--OTOH, my first experience with Trek was very positive so I've pretty much stayed in that family of bikes. Nothing wrong with either of our decisions--if I'd had a bad turn, I'd never look at another one either.

    So yeah, bottom line, I think personal preference is the major factor in most bike purchases.

    And BTW--Congrats on your new bike!!