Chorus 10 speed



Hi guys,

Finally got that campy group set on my frame, its put new life back into the old c'dale  ;D My bikes cost me a grand total of $1,350 including my wheels, its a true bargan (nothing was brought second hand mind you)  8)

I got some quotes for a new cannondale frame about a week ago (i was toying with the idea of putting the groupset on a new frame), they were between $2,200 and $2,400 just for the frame. It woulda been stupid to upgrade when my CAD3 has done almost no work. Now does anyone want some old ultegra goodies?  ;)
Welcome to the Dark Side. I don't think you'll ever turn back.
[quote author=Lab_Rat link=board=20;threadid=1069;start=0#9453 date=1031595836]<br />Welcome to the Dark Side.  I don't think you'll ever turn back.<br />[/quote]<br /><br />HAHA no problem.....I don't think I will either<br /><br />cheers!

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