Christina! What about the PELVIS?! (Autism and BAD McRoberts maneuver...)


Todd Gastaldo

MASS BIRTH CHILD ABUSE: Attn LA County DA Steve Cooley and Deputy DA Bill Hodgman
([email protected]): No response yet from you regarding prosecution of AMA "pedo-priests." See the
end of this post.


"No association was found between autism and head circumference...Our findings suggest that...fetal
distress [is] important in the pathogenesis of autism." --Christina Hultman, PhD (with Sparen and
Cnattingius) [Epidemiology. 2002 Jul;13(4):417-23. PubMed abstract]

CHRISTINA! What about the PELVIS?! (See my second Open Letter to you below.)

Fetal distress is said to be caused by failure to progress caused by cephaloPELVIC disproportion.

Let us not forget the PELVIC part of cephalopelvic disproportion as MDs senselessly close
birth canals...

In 1913, Harvard obstetrician Arthur B. Emmons, MD wrote:

"[M]oving backward of the tip of the sacrum...enlarges the available space not merely directly in
proportion to the distance backward, but more nearly by the square of that distance." [Emmons, AB. A
study of the variations in the female pelvis, based on observations made on 217 specimens of the
American Indian squaw. Biometrika 1913; 9:34-47.]

In 1993, at my request, the authors of Williams Obstetrics noted the grisly biomechanics of
semisitting and dorsal delivery:

"ncrease in the diameter of the pelvic outlet occurs **only** if the sacrum is allowed to rotate
posteriorly, that is, only if the sacrum is not forced anteriorly by the weight of the maternal
pelvis against the delivery table or bed." [Cunningham, MacDonald, Leveno, Gant and Gilstrap - at
Gastaldo's request - without attribution - Williams Obstetrics. Appleton-Lange 1993:285, **italics
in original - see also subsequent editions including the 2001 edition]


They left in their text - in the same paragraph (!) - the "dorsal widens" bald lie that first called
my attention to their text!!

Dorsal (and semisitting) deliveries CLOSE the birth canal up to 30%!

The simple biomechanics are openly stated by British National Health Service/NHS West Midlands
Perinatal Institute/WMPI/Jason Gardosi, MD, Director who writes of the semirecumbent delivery
position (semisitting):

"...the weight of the mother is in part taken on the sacrum which is therefore pushed upwards, thus
decreasing the antero-posterior diameter of the pelvic outlet..."

MDs are KNOWINGLY closing birth canals up to 30% at delivery!

Worse, MDs are KEEPING birth canals closed when shoulders get stuck (!)...

See ACOG birth crime video evidence

MDs and MBs: If you must push or pull - and sometimes you must - first get the woman off her sacrum!



In recent years, MD-obstetricians have likely been causing SUDDEN increases in cephalopelvic
disproportion by causing sudden decreases in pelvic outlet area (see below)...


"[F]ivefold increase in the number of serious complications, such as [neonatal] skull
fractures...reported to the FDA between 1989 and 1995....The FDA believes that the rise in serious
complications can be explained in part by the increase in the rate of vacuum-assisted delivery, from
3.5 percent of all deliveries in 1989 to 5.9 percent in 1995." The New England Journal of Medicine
-- January 7, 1999 -- Vol. 340, No. 1 The Risks of Lowering the Cesarean-Delivery Rate Benjamin P.
Sachs, M.B., B.S., D.P.H. Cindy Kobelin, M.D. Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Boston, MA 02215
Mary Ames Castro, M.D. Fredric Frigoletto, M.D. Massachusetts General Hospital Boston, MA 02114

The FDA is *guessing* as to why there was an increase in the number of neonatal skull fractures....

Here is my guess...

MDs and CNMwives have LONG been placing women in semisitting and dorsal delivery positions -
routinely closing birth canals up to 30% - senselessly distorting fetal skulls GRADUALLY....

Recently though, MDs and CNMwives have been using McRoberts maneuver (BAD and GOOD) more and more -
causing SUDDEN distortion of fetal skulls...


During (Good) IMPROPER McRoberts maneuver (see URL below) women are being rolled off their buttocks
(into Extreme Lithotomy) allowing their birth canals to open maximally; this is good...

But between contractions - when women are rolled back down onto their buttocks - onto their sacra -
BAD McRoberts (LCDR Gherman's "PROPER" McRoberts) has occurred - CRUNCH - the mother's sacral tip is
jammed into the fetal skull - and a "ping pong" skull fracture occurs...

USUALLY, these "ping pong" skull fractures pop right back out (see below) - but with the more
frequent use of the ill-advised (BAD) "proper" McRoberts maneuver (which suddenly closes the birth
canal after inadvertent placement into Extreme Lithotomy - i.e. - after widening the birth canal
with IMPROPER McRoberts) - there are going to be more skull fractures - more "ping pong" skull
fractures that DON'T pop right back out...

Hence the FDA-reported increase in neonatal skull fractures...

Or so goes my guess as to the reason for the FDA report of an increase in neonatal skull

Regardless whether rolling women into BAD McRoberts between contractions causes autism...

Regardless whether this is causing the increase in neonatal skull fractures...

MDs and CNMwives should be IMMEDIATELY stopped from closing birth canals up to 30%!


John Ogden, MD writes:

"The developing skull, especially in an infant, may be deformed substantially without sustaining an
OBVIOUS (emphasis added) fracture when...compressed (p. 78)... [Ogden J. Skeletal Injury in the
Child. Third Edition, NY: Springer 2000]

USUALLY, these non-obvious "ping-pong" skull fractures pop right back out, as in,

"[Elasticity of the skull]...allows significant temporary indentation of the skull toward the brain,
with restoration of the contour after 'release' of the deforming force (p. 79)....


"Despite considerable depression of the bone, there may be little brain injury (p. 79)."


"[D]espite the seeming absence of specific osseous injury, severe injury to the brain may
occur...(p. 79)" [Ogden J. Skeletal Injury in the Child. Third Edition, NY: Springer 2000]

Copied to:

Christina Hultman, PhD


Christina Hultman, PhD Associate Professor Research fellow The Swedish Research Council Department
of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics Karolinska Institutet
P.O. Box 281 SE-171 77 Stockholm Sweden Visiting address: Nobels väg 12A Telephone +46-8-524 83893
Fax +46-8-31 49 57 [email protected] [email protected]


You did not respond to my Open Letter to you sent back in August 2003...

See Fetal distress -> Autism?

Maybe somehow you just didn't receive my Open Letter?

Hopefully you will receive this Open Letter.

Please Christina - don't forget the PELVIC part of fetal distress caused by cephalopelvic

MDs are CAUSING cephalopelvic disproportion - then performing cesarean sections BEcause of
cephalopelvic disproportion.

It's obvious crime - and MDs are KNOWINGLY committing it.

See again: ACOG birth crime video evidence

I have emailed Bill Hodgman, my old roommate at UCLA, now a deputy district attorney in Los Angeles
County in California, USA.

In addition to stopping MDs from closing birth canals, I have asked Bill and

See FBI: AMA 'pedo-priests': Will DA Cooley prosecute?

See also: Feldenkrais vs. Surgery (also: ugh, Erb's prevention)

I'll email Bill and Steve this Open Letter via [email protected]

To speed an end to the obvious crime, I am in favor of pardons in advance for MDs. MDs are just
academic prime cuts forced through this culture's most powerful mental meatgrinder - medical school.

Thanks for reading.



PP. Gastaldo [email protected]

PS Randy J. Ferrance, DC, MD recently asked, "So what causes autism? If only we knew..." [J Can
Chiropr Assoc 2003;47(1):6]

Whatever causes autism, I think all would agree that MDs have no business closing birth canals and
gruesomely manipulating most babies' spines at birth.

MDs are pushing VIOLENTLY on baby spines with oxytocin and Cytotec - with birth canals senselessly
closed up to 30%....

MDs are also PULLING - gruesomely - with hands, vacuums and forceps - with birth canals senselessly
closed up to 30%...

ALL spinal manipulation is gruesome with the birth canal closed up to 30%...

Yet the chiropractic trade unions are silent as an estimated six babies per day DIE from vacuum-
assisted spinal manipulation alone - with birth canals senselessly closed up to 30%.

See USUAL MECHANISM (PS5) in my article, "Pregnant chiro patients: BIZARRE chiro legislation -
babies be damned..."

Again quoting Sachs et al.:

"The FDA believes that the rise in serious complications can be explained in part by the increase
in the rate of vacuum-assisted delivery, from 3.5 percent of all deliveries in 1989 to 5.9
percent in 1995."


Jamie Clark recently asked on about a particularly prolific poster named Sheila,

"Is Sheila the new Todd Gastaldo?"

Denise Anderson replied:

"On a more obnoxious level, I'd say."

Naomi Rivkis replied:

"No. Unlike Todd, Sheila has *admitted* that she's crazy."

OK, I'll admit I'm crazy - if it's crazy for a doctor of chiropractic to persistently protest MDs
senselessly closing birth canals and gruesomely manipulating most babies' spines.

This obvious spinal manipulation crime is happening in MOST births!

Where are "the People's" CRIMINAL attorneys (Bill and Steve, mentioned above)?

Where are the CIVIL attorneys - champion birth trauma attorneys like Kathleen Zellner...

Why the utter silence?

I'll cc Atty Kathleen again...

Kathleen T. Zellner, JD 1717 North Naper Boulevard Suite 203 Naperville, Illinois 60563
[email protected]

Kathy, why haven't birth trauma attorneys been telling juries that MD-obstetricians are routinely
closing birth canals?

Copied to AMA via [email protected] and others.

And copied to ACOG via [email protected] and others.

Nothin' but footdragging from MDs as MD-obstetricians senselessly close birth canal and babies
sometimes die unexplained deaths.

Actually, it's understandable though unconscionable: MDs know full well the imprisonment
ramifications when they report parents for child abuse in murder cases.

They don't MEAN to do it - but they can't stop - because stopping the crime would be tantamount to
admitting it.

Which is why I favor pardons in advance for these powerful cultural authorites called MDs - to speed
an end to the massive birth tragedy.

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