Chronic Hemmorrhoids. 100% Herbal Cure!!!


Olowo Buyide

The information for this product is shown below:


Indication: Protruding anus as a result of chronic

pile or Hemorrhoids, and or Blood in stool.

Application: Rub the ointment on the protruded anus for 5-6 days.

Caution: ****Not to be taken through mouth. Wash hands with soap,
thoroughly, after each application.

Free test for 5 patients that have been slated for operation from any
multinational organization, such as hospital or research institution
throughout the world.

Samples will be released to any company or individuals that wishe to test
for any type of banned products; drugs etc. This product is 100% HERBS!!!

For more information contact:

Buyide Enterprises

11, Femi street,

Buyide Area,

P. O. Box 103 Agbado.

Lagos, Nigeria


email: [email protected]

Efficacy of the product's confidential report can be obtained from St.
Michael Clinics:

Opp. Ayokunu Petrol Station,

Alakuko Bus/Stop,


Tel: 2348033018321

Several patients have been successfully treated with this product, including
patients from overseas countries.