Chronic pain in right upper back, even on short rides

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    May 24, 2020
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    Two years ago the power steering failed on our hybrid suv. I had to get it off the road and turning the steering wheel totally knackered my upper back on my right side. The pain radiated from a spot below my right shoulder and lasted for about a month before going away. But the same spot on the right side gets aggravated any time I go cycling, even for short rides. The same pain can also flare up if I am driving. It is a sharp pain that radiates outward. Maybe in the rhomboid muscle?
    Has anyone else had this? So frustrating. I was feeling no pain for weeks and then I hopped on my bike for a short ride yesterday evening and woke up today in pain again. It didn’t even hurt on the ride, which was less than 10 km with no major hills. So strange and frustrating that even with rest it doesn’t seem to heal.