Ciao Heinie

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  1. Anonymous but highly Reliable Sources in Tell Land, confirmed by other
    similar Sources in DykeLand have advised that controversial UCI
    WaffenSS-GeneralFeldMarschall Hein Vrebruggen will tender his
    resignation at a Press Conference in Aisle, TellLand, later today.

    Those same sources indicate that Verbruggen will head South to Vatican
    City, Rome, where there is apparently an Executive vacancy.

    After reviewing Veerbruggen's track record at the UCI, Cardinal Synne, a
    member in good standing of the Electoral College went Off The Record to
    say that Verbruggen was Eminently qualified for the job of Firkin' up
    the Whole World.

    Bishop Rick echoed Cardinal Synne's sentiments, intimating that the
    Chubby Choir Boys Fanciers Club members unanimously agreed that
    Verbruggen was the Man for the Job, but intimated that Verbruggen had
    better forget the Oil on Troubled Waters fable and be prepared to Spread
    some Heavy Bread around to ensure his Election since Robbing Peter's
    Pence wasn't as profitable as it used to be back in Pre-Sindona times
    before that Calvi guy Firked up his Bunji Jump from BlackFriars Bridge.

    Ila Kutcherkokoff
    (Lorena's Cousin)