City Cycling. I Need Your Help!


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Oct 13, 2015

I'm a product design student in Dublin institute of Technology, Ireland. I am currently undertaking my final year project. The area I have chosen is cycling in cities with a view to creating a product in this area. At the top of this message is a link to a survey I need help filling out. I would be very grateful if you could take 5 minutes of your time to fill it out (it could even benefit you if I do manage to create a product from my research). feel free to share the link or comment below on additional information you feel may be useful to me. Thanks for your time and safe cycling! :)
Same here. Just completed the survey myself as well.

When the results are done and you've got the information your after I'd be interested in seeing the results as well if you could maybe post them on the forum?
Awesome, that's a really cool survey. I'll be sharing the link with friends that also enjoy riding. I'm happy to see students take the time to research cycling and it's effect on the greater society in general.