City of Sacto Works As Team - Bike Collides with Horse

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  1. The city of Sacramento worked as a team to pull a rabbit out of the hat for us to make our second
    annual Sacramento National Bicycle Greenway Day a reality. And magic was the required order of the
    day when our contact from the Mayor's office that we had been in dialogue with since last March fell
    ill on Monday. And when she disappeared so did all of the contacts she had made and other paperwork
    that we needed to make the ceremony surrounding the proclamation that had already been issued real.
    From several hundred miles away, then, we were faced with the challenge of locating the NBG Day
    certificate and then finding someone to present it to our riders since we also lost our direct
    connection to Mayor Fargo. Several hours and pages of notes later when we found Ed Cox, the
    Alternative Modes Director. Then we then had to track down a digital camera as well as someone to
    document that which took place and another person to email us the resulting pictures. Here, then, is
    what resulted:

    When I last spoke to Kim, the Mayor's Scheduler and our seemingly omniscient contact in the mayor's
    office last Friday, happy to hear from me, she said that we would finalize everything on Monday.
    When I didn't hear from her as she had promised, I called and didn't get an answer. I tried again on
    Tuesday thinking that my messages were getting thru and that were still in a good place and that she
    was just busy.

    When Kristina called me on the day of our ceremony to say Kim had been out sick since the start of
    the week, I had 4 months of work to make up for in 2 hours. In the end we all have Ed to thank for
    presenting the proc and Sybil for getting me phone numbers and email addresses and for finding a
    photographer for us and Shirley for recreating the proc itself (not once but twice) and Kirsten from
    Councilman Ray Trethaway's office for sending me to Ed in the first place and for Ray's being a
    cyclist and having Karen out there to represent his office and to all the other staffers, even
    council people who returned my calls -- wow whatta team!! And finally THX to Rachel from KCRA for
    seeing the news value of this and getting a reporter out there to interview Jim and DeWayne!

    And so today our riders, who braved the record breaking heat they are having up there, share the
    spotlight with a Sacrament Mayor and Council office staff who hit a major home run for us Big Time
    yesterday. In Jim's words below we will see how the grand ride DeWayne long had planned came apart
    at the seams. Much honor and respect is due also to DeWayne for keeping his commitment to do the
    ride despite losing (literally) his team. But before we do, here is a note I excerpted from an email
    DeWayne sent to me last nite:


    [..] Jim was interviewed by KCRA television (NBC affiliate), I just checked the
    site and did not see anything yet. It might not air until Friday as they kept asking ... "when are
    you leaving and have to be in Napa?"

    Jim is a great guy. I have a TON of respect for him. We just had dinner at a friends restaurant (and
    Jim and I) took the photo's of the capital..........

    And here's Jim:

    Subject: Asphalt, bridges and cars

    Hi Everyone:

    Wow, what a reality check. Had an empty day so I took a pickup truck with my Raven trike to
    Berkeley, CA to have the Rolhoff hub checked out. Not having driven for a few months and traveling
    at bicycle speeds makes the freeway seem to be going at enormous speed. The drivers were responding
    so quickly to any opening that I wanted to park the pickup and ride my trike again. No wonder the
    drug companies are doing so well. They must make a fortune just trying to keep the drivers nerves
    and stomach acids at liveable levels.

    The ribbons of freeways were mind boggling. If just the cost of one of those enormous bridges could
    be diverted to bike trails we would see a lot friendlier world out there. The elderly have to be
    overwhelmed by this speed and aggressive driving. I could not wait to get back to Sacramento and
    ride my trike. I am a little concerned just how to get through that maze of highways however.

    But now life is good. I listened to Jon Krakauer speak at a Borders Book Store about his new book,
    his views on the extreme in the Mormon faith. He is an excellent speaker and I had enjoyed his
    earlier books, "Into Thin Air" and "Into the Wild". With his new book, from the they way he talked
    about it, I suspect that he will have done an excellent job in presenting a balanced view of the
    subject. His questions make the Mormon Religious leaders nervous as they feel no one should question
    God's revelation to them. This is a very scary premise in today's world. These leaders are only
    human and subject to the same failings that the subjects of the book face. It is just a matter of
    how much political power these leaders enjoy when they make these errors. I will definitely be
    anxious to read the book.

    DeWayne Quinn my riding partner here in Sacromento is facing a few challenges. Yesterday he told me
    one of his riders hit a horse, yes, a horse coming down a mountain pass. Then, to make matters worse
    another rider fell off his bike and broke his wrist and arm. So, DeWayne and I will ride over to
    city hall and find out what is happening and receive the city's proclamation. This afternoon before
    leaving I want to tour the state capital and have dinner with a few locals.

    We had a little false start, but once Edward J. Cox, the Alternate Modes Coordinator got there with
    his digital camera and the reporter from Channel 3 got there things went well. They took our
    pictures as we were joined by Karen Pardieck, the District One Coordinator. Karen indicated Ray
    Tretheway, the District One Councilmember she represented, was very bike oriented. The reporter
    interviewed us and Ed showed me where the city was sponsoring a Wednesday market with great food.
    Duane had to get back to work, but Ed joined me for lunch. We had a great time reminiscing about our
    various bike rides. Ed gave me some bike maps of the area. He is a great asset to the city. At the
    Friday music program he operates a bike storage area to help bikers who ride to the weekly event.
    Makes me want to come back after we have our Napa celebration...

    Wish us well as we head out to Napa. Your trusty, crusty, dusty and anxious to finish rider, Jim

    And Finally, here is the witty and hilarious Skot Paschal who is pressing toward Napa to meet Jim
    and DeWayne and the Napa Eagle Cycling club and city officials there:

    Subject: Lakeport for Lunch.

    The waitress in Hopland said she never saw a bike go over Hwy. 175. Too steep, narrow, and hot.
    Sounded perfect and off I went. It was 9% for 6 miles at one point and if it weren't for some cloud
    cover I might have turned around (not). Got a nail in my tire through the slime strip and slime
    tube. I'm sure it slowed the puncture so any disasterness was averted. With a strong tailwind, hard
    pedalling and the love of God, I should make it to Napa in the 47 allotted hours.

    Subject: Unclear at Clear Lake

    An important thing to keep in mind is it's not how many miles but what's up. Tomorrow to Caistoga
    seems like an easy day until you look at the map. Hwy. 29 past Middletown is as spooky a road as
    I've ever seen. My new friend in the nasty hiker/biker here said it looked like a Rochard (however
    you spell ink blot test}. To me it looked like a laughing devil. My plan is to beat the dawn and
    then the traffic.

    At $2 this park is about $1.98 overpriced. Right now the road seems like relief. Noise, lights,
    bugs, parched earth that broke 2 stakes at setup.

    You can bet the house...I'm loving it.

    Subject: Napa

    There is do down day. The road to Calistoga looms as I enjoy a French Roast and bagel at the Lower
    Lake Coffee Co. Last night some people came in at midnight and did not mellow out until past 2, even
    when politely reminded of what it means to be a human being. No sleep, steep road, no shoulder,
    humidity and heat. This is my kind of day. Tell 'em to heat up the hottub in Calistoga.

    In a peldaling state of mind, Sk.

    Movement triumphs over cold. Stillness triumphs over heat. Clarity and tranquility set the whole
    world in order. -Lao Tzu

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