Classic/vintage parts, all still good condition

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  1. Jessica Cann

    Jessica Cann Guest

    28.6mm XTR M950 clamp-on front derailleur = $30 XTR 952 cartridge BB = $35

    USED, but still in very good condition IRD headset (Japanese KING copy) = $30 IRD Pro cross levers
    (fits 26.0 or 31.8) = $50 Salsa SUL road stem (90deg X 120mm, 1 1/8in) = $35 GripShift XRay shifters
    = $15 Syncros road stem (threadless, 120mm, silver, non-hinged) = $15 American Classic 32hole
    mountain rear hub (135mm, silver, bearings okay) = $10

    OLD SCHOOL, soon to be collectors' items Mavic 9--series front and rear derailleur (from early 90's,
    8/9spd) = $60set

    ALL prices are negotiable within reason. Contact seller directly at [email protected] Thanks
    for looking.

  2. Tim McNamara

    Tim McNamara Guest

    Hee hee hee. As an old codger who things "Nuovo Record" when he sees a "classic/vintage parts" post,
    I am suddenly reminded of the advance of years whenever someone posts (what I think of as)
    newfangled stuff under that subject...