cleaned bike today and listened to Graeme


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Jun 15, 2007
So there you have it. Oh, and I adjusted my rear derailleur, lubed everything up and put some new bartape on. That's always a good thing; when it's over that is. I wonder how many of you are like me in that you wash your bicycle more than your automobile. Some people would say that's a little sick, but when it comes to washing a bike, it's more than just a cleanliness issue, it has almost more to do with safety and performance, in my opinion.
Note to self: time for a new chain.

For those of you who read this menial thread hoping for something interesting,
here's a link to Graeme Obree, speaking in his native tongue.


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Jan 5, 2007
lol, i like keeping mine clean, if its dirty, it annoys me, and is always on my mind, a little dirt, fine, but if its got dirt accumulating, oof, it just gets to me