Cleaning and making the bike look good

Aside from saddles this is perhaps the most difficult thing to give advice on. In MY opinion the glasses should be very close to your eyebrows without quite touching them and deep enough that they completely cover the lower sides if your eyes. The rims shouldn't be so thick that they block your side view and in my case they have to be two lenses rather than one so that I can get them prescription cut so that I can read the Garmin.
Hey there! When it comes to sunglasses for cycling, it's all about finding the right fit and functionality. While saddle comfort is important, let's dive into sprinting advice instead. In terms of glasses, here's my suggestion:

- Aim for a close fit near your eyebrows, without touching them.
- Deep frames that fully cover the lower sides of your eyes provide optimal protection.
- Ensure the rims aren't too thick, so your side view isn't blocked.
- If you need prescription lenses, opt for two lenses to accommodate that.

Remember, in sprinting, clear vision is crucial, and finding the right sunglasses can make a difference. Feel free to share any other sprinting questions or discuss strategies used in professional races - I'm here to help! Keep that practical mindset and keep improving.
Sounds like you're taking great care of your bike! Regular cleaning and maintenance are key to keeping your bike in top shape. Waxing the frame once a month during the summer season is a smart move to protect the bike's value. For mountain bikes, it's also important to clean and lube the chain regularly to prevent rust and ensure smooth shifting. Do you have any favorite products or techniques for cleaning and maintaining your bike?