Cleat compatibility

John Shields

New Member
Apr 17, 2016
Hi folks, I recently purchased a pair of Diadora vortex racer carbon fiber Mens road cycling shoes. My question is clip / pedal compatibility. I've done a little bit of research and found the Shimano R550 SPD-Sl clipless , question is are they the ones I need . The cleat compatibility is 3...thank you for any information... John
All road shoes, except models made especially for Speedplay compatibility, are compatible with the original Look 3-bolt pattern. All road cleats, except Speedplay, are directly compatible with the Look 3-bolt pattern. Speedplay has its own 4-bolt pattern but includes adapters for 3-bolt.
Look at the sole. Some road shoes can take either a 3 bolt (road) cleat, or a 2 bolt (mountain) one. My Shimano shoes will take either.
Those shoes are ONLY compatible with the three bolt pattern of the Shimano ROAD SpD's or the Look Keos. There are Shimano off-road 2 bolt (actually 4 bolt) that will NOT work.

The most important thing about shoes are not the pedal they are compatible with but if they fit correctly.

I would suggest you stay completely away from any pedal not made by Shimano or Look. I've used pedals from just about every manufacturer and the problems are always getting replacement cleats in a reasonable amount of time. Also some smaller manufacturers make pedals that you can un-clip from too easily and that's no fun when you're going downhill at 40 mph and your foot goes into the front spokes.