Cleat Position


Jun 6, 2007
I'm putting on some Look pedals today. I forget how you're supposed to line up your cleats, what's the goal?
A few goals, but the main one is to put the pedal spindle under or slightly behind your metatarsal joints but depending on float in you pedals it's also good to get them rotationally correct and if you have particular stance width issues it's good to get them laterally correct. The latter two (rotation and lateral width) are coupled in Look style cleats as opposed to something like Speedplays which separate those adjustments.

Good info on cleat setup here:

and here:
and here:

+1 on the Steve Hogg reference. Hogg is long as you ignore the **** he says about wristbands affecting fit and power output.
Originally Posted by alienator . long as you ignore the **** he says about wristbands affecting fit and power output.
Whoa down! I hadn't tripped across that psycho stuff before.

I still like his basic fitting advice but that's some serious tinfoil hat stuff about plastic bracelets and sunglasses frames.

Maybe he's a genius and we'll all be paying closer attention to the plastics we expose ourselves to, but it seems way, way out there.

Maybe Hogg has discovered some new field effect (after all, there is an e- field around a human body and those bracelets are dielectrics.......) and will some day be as highly regarded in field theory as James Maxwell. Maybe not is also a possible outcome.
the delta cleat, like look's and shimano's, are easy to reinstall for cleat replacement just by watching carefully the position of each of the three bolts on each shoe, but for the first installation you need a small bit of patience to do it correctly,