Clementines, redux

Discussion in 'Food and nutrition' started by Puester, Mar 26, 2004.

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    They're baaaaaack!

    After all the discussion of the short clementine season, I
    found a whole new shipment in my local King Soopers
    (Kroger) store. They are in 5 lb. cardboard containers,
    labeled "Pretty Belle Clementines", Product of U.S.A.
    Parlier, CA 93648.

    Sine they looked firm, unshriveled, and felt heavy for their
    size, I bought a box. They don't have exactly the same
    flavor as the previous clems at their sweetest, but are
    quite aromatic, with a slight hint of sweet red grapefruit,
    not at all sour. (My little grandson gobbled down two this
    morning shortly after he arrived, and would have eaten more
    if we'd let him-- and he won't eat sour citrus.)

    Worth trying!

    gloria p