clip-on compatability: sloping center section

Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by HomelessDave, Feb 12, 2005.

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    I have an old set of GT Jammer 'shorty' clip-on bars by Profile that I
    would like to transfer to a new bicycle with a 31.8 'oversized' center
    clamp section handlebars (aluminum).

    The center clamp section of the new handlebars 'tapers' gradually down
    to the smaller diameter of the rest of the bar.

    Two problems:

    a. the old clip on bars don't fit the 31.8 clamp section because their
    clamp diameters are too small
    b. even if they did fit diameter-wise, it's not clear to me if the
    whole width of the clamp would fit onto the non-tapered center clamp
    (2) moving from the stem clamp outward, by the point the bars lose
    their taper, that's too wide for proper placement of the clip on bars.


    (1) is there a McGyver-style solution to adapting my existing old clip
    ons to the new handlebars?
    (2) how confident should I be that the various clip ons currently
    advertised as 31.8-compatible would fit onto the limited width of the
    oversized 31.8 section of the new handlebars?
    (3) anybody feel confident in saying "it just won't ever work so don't
    even waste your time, just break down and admit that you spec-ed the
    wrong handlebars on your new bicycle, if you wanted to clip aero bars
    onto them, you moron"? [don't hold back, I can take it ...]

    Thanks in advance for the mental energy you might put into this,

    Homeless Dave