Clipless Pedals



Looks like my look PP206 pedals are wearing out as i cannot ajust the tension as the tension adjuster is worn out (must of had a shonky alan key or just wear and tear) any way i was thinking of what are my next options iv been hapy with look but will try any thing else. If look whats the best pedal. the bs said mine was the lowes in the look range. I thought they where mid-range when i got them.

Im also considering the Shimano SPD-R and Speedpay pedals they both are light, the speedplay have double sided platforms which sounds good. (easier to get into) with fixed or float they say. how though ??? different cleats or adjustment? also anyone now the costs? thanks in advance
I just bought speedplay x-2s! They have no tension, so you might not like that - the Zero series has adjustable float so that might be what you are looking for....

I, btw, LOVE my speedplays - both road and MTB!
quite a bit of difference between spd-r and speedplay pedals.

spd-r lock your feet in a pretty stationary position, and speedplays can have almost infinite float. I know only one person that uses spd-r, and they are a big time (national champ level) sprinter. most use look (I have the 357 model) with a few speedplay and time in the mix.

x series speedplay have free float. to me, they're like standing on an ice cube. people either love'em or hate'em. ti spindle x series cost $250 US, steel are $175 US.

zero series, where you can adjust the float from 0 - 15 degrees, are a little higher. ti are $300 US and steel are $200.

the two different series are not compatible...different pedal platform and different cleat.
Question for MtnBiker Chick:

Do you find that your foot moves around a little too much? When you sprint eyeballs out of the saddle, would you ever fear that your foot might pop out of the pedal? That is my worst nightmare in a bunch gallop. Has it ever happened to you in a race for example?

Just curious.. I'm considering getting them but I just want a few opinions first. I gather you like them from your earlier comments.

Otherwise speedplays sound like the answer for a lot of knee-stress related problems associated with turning your foot in Time or Look pedals.
Well to be honest, I just started using them - however, I've used their MTB counterpart for years (same idea - unrestricted float). I don't race - well, I did ONCE and I got my clocked cleaned....

lol -

but I digress.... I think it's like anything else, you have to get used to them. I can't use them in a spinning class in a gym because, yes, I feel like I'm gonna come out of them too easily - however on my bikes, I'm fine with them. You will have an adjustment period of feeling like you are pedaling on glass - but it's so worth it :)