Clipless vs flat pedals in competitive racing


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Oct 4, 2017
I've been cycling for 11 years and recently I've been reading about flat vs clipless pedal efficiency. Almost all academic research I've read shows that flat pedals are equal (or slightly more) in efficiency to clipless pedals.

Since this research has been around for years, why do pro riders continue to use clipless pedals?
Whatever report you've been reading is full of it. Flat pedals with toe clips and straps sort of work pretty good but you simply cannot beat clipless for efficiency. You can put power in completely around the clock. A great deal of my power comes from pedaling circles especially as I get tired. You cannot sprint without clipless. Clips and straps on a flat pedal work fine if you pull the straps up really tight but then you can't get out of them and crashes are a lot more common.

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