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  1. I just came from a local foam shop where I bought 6 different types of
    foam cut to my template (which looks a lot like the semcycle foam pad)
    I tried them all, and finally deciced on 1 inch "closed cell" foam.
    It's dense, but cushy and has somewhat of a "memory" and moulds to
    every pressure point. I also cut out a sort of "Channel" groove, (about
    1" wide and 1/2" deep) right down the middle, hoping that it would
    relieve pressure where it counts, but be firm enough for sit bones and
    hold shape well. Verdict: After placing this foam piece over the inner
    tube, then coveing it all with my fusion cover, i took it (my coker)
    for a spin and IMMEDIATELY felt the difference! Later today I will give
    it a real test when I join my riding buddy for a 14 miler along the
    bike path at Will Roger's State Beach, near Malibu, CA. :D


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  3. Well I finished my 14 miler with the new seat modification, and I was
    amazed that I had virtually NO pain for the entire ride! I'm now
    convinced that the "channel" I cut down the middle of the foam (that 1"
    closed cell foam) definitely made the difference! :D I would highly
    recommend you trying this if you have crotch pain/numbness especially
    during long rides.


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    I've been experimenting with a modified KH Fusion seat on my Coker.
    It's not really a Fusion any more since it's on a Miyata style CF base,
    a Steve Howard handle, a Miyata rear bumper, and the Fusion seat cover.
    But it allows for some experimentation. I'm trying to see if an all
    foam seat will ultimately be more comfortable than the airseat and foam
    combination I was using before.

    I started by cutting the nose down to make the seat more flat.
    Pictures of that are in my 'Airseat gallery'
    (http://gallery.unicyclist.com/Airseat) (scroll down to the bottom).
    But I wasn't happy with the middle part of the seat (still getting the
    numbness and sadlesoreness). So on Thursday I cut a small short
    channel down the middle. So far I like it, but I've only done two
    rides with it like that. I'll have to put in a longer ride and see how
    it goes. I used a round sanding band similar to this 'Dremel sanding
    attachment' (http://tinyurl.com/cxuev) to cut the channel. Worked
    well. I'll post pictures sometime during the week. I'll have to take
    the seat apart to take the picture of the channel, and I want to do it
    during the daylight so the photo is better. Probably Monday or Tuesday
    I'll get to it.

    Too soon to know how well that channel will work for longer rides.
    Must go ride a lot next week and find out.

    One thing I'm having problems with adjusting to is the extra width of
    the KH style seat compared to my previous Coker seat. I'm not used to
    the seat being wider between the legs and it's taking time to get used
    to that.


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