Closeout USS/SWB Recumbents $499 at



I have no affiliation with Chuck's Bikes whatsoever. Just passing along
information for those who might be interested. Here's the direct link:

These "Tsunami" (Chuck's house brand?) USS/SWB recumbents are not being sold
as ActionBent (China Mascot) bikes; but they appear identical to the "Jet
Stream" models. Ask about a warranty; but assume that there isn't one unless
you are told otherwise.

Chuck's Bikes has a very good reputation as a dealer of remaindered bikes
and components. I doubt if you'll have any problems at all. If the bikes are
missing small parts upon arrival, you may be on your own. Since most of the
components are standard garden-variety bike parts, you shouldn't have any
problems getting replacements at the local bike shop.

BentRider Online fairly raved about the China Mascot/ActionBents "Jet
Stream", and they do look very nice for the money. I've been eyeing the 2004
ActionBents "Road Runner" recently, which appear to be pretty similar to a
20/26 Challenge Hurricane for less than 1/2 the price. Before you order from
Chuck's, have a look at the 2004 line-up at Action Bents.

ActionBent's prices are pretty competitive these days, so if you want full
service after the sale, buy from them. If you don't care, and don't mind
buying last year's models, then Chuck's might be a good choice. It's pretty
hard to beat $499 for a brand-new USS/SWB 'bent that isn't an experimental
Frankenbike clumsily brazed together by somebody's brother-in-law. (Not that
there's anything wrong with Frankenbikes, mind you... ;-)

Hope this helps some folks get into a nice USS/SWB bike.