Cluster Headache

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  1. My uncle suffers badly from Cluster Headache. The therapy he receives now doesn't help very well, so
    I try to get some more informations from newsgroups. Maybe ther is someone who knows what to do.

    Diagnosis of University-Hospital Innsbruck - Tirol - Austria

    For 2 years particularly strong in autumn - winter

    Very bad since 10 weeks. Therapy over 8 weeks with Urbason Imigran syringe and for the attacks
    Isoptin. He is in hospital now for 2 weeks because of a substantial degradation of the general
    condition. Therapy now: Avamigran and for pain Topamax

    If someone has experience with Cluster please send an E-Mail. Any informations are welcome.

    Parts of this text is translated from german to english with the goole-translator. Maybe some medical-
    terms are not or bad translated.

    Thanks in advance.