Coast to coast self contained tour

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Looking for "companions"

leaving Anacortes on the 20th of June. This is actually, the "only" plan.

The date for leaving!

I don't have the Adventure Cycling maps yet (northern tier), and have really no plans for any
specific stops except I do want to go to Missoula and get my picture taken there :) How far we go
daily will depend on our combined abilities and overall feeling of the day. How long this trip will
take, depends on how many rest days, how many short days, and how many high mileage days we end up
taking. Personally, I plan to camp ALMOST all the time, if possible free camping. I will carry my
camp stove, and most likely cook most of my meals in camp. I really hate planning for any more then
this, as plans are usually just changed anyway, and if I would want a planned tour, I could be
joining Adventure Cycling for one of their tours.

Anyone hoping to get plenty of time off, and wanting to join, please contact me.

sincerely Moni [email protected]
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