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I am an undergraduate Automotive Engineering student at Loughborough University, England currently working on my Final year project entitled ‘The Drag Analysis of a Bicycle using the Coastdown Method’.

The project is concerned with adapting the existing automotive coastdown method for application to the analysis of bicycle drag properties. The aims of the project are to develop the technique, so that a reliable and accurate method of determining the various drag coefficients is created.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could provide any information, or sources of information that you think may help me with the successful completion of this project.

Specifically I am interested in any experience you may have with determining bicycle drag forces/coefficients and how you may have modelled bicycle dynamics or dynamics of individual components.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Richard Wainwright
Automotive Engineering
Loughborough University
tel +44 (0)7736287780
[email protected]
Hi Richard. Welcome to the board!
Theres a gentleman here in SA that kinda specialises in these sort of things. He goes by the name of Graeme Murray, and he has developed a number of 'cycle technologies' like adjustable carbon fibre cranks etc.
He could very well be able to assist you, at least I think so.

Visit his homepage here

Hope it helps ;)

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