COG joins FIAC


Les Earnest

The Federation of Independent Associations for Cycling (FIAC) now has an
East Coast affiliate, namely the Cycling Organizers Group (COG) based in
Athens, Georgia. Gene Dixon has joined the FIAC board of directors as
COG representative.

COG will oversee two main sets of events, namely a series of 12 two day
races in Georgia called the Georgia Cup <> and
USA CRITS <>. COG also will do other events
including challenge rides, training races and several MTB races
throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Florida as
grass roots racing promotional partners.

Other regional racing organizations may be interested in joining FIAC so
as to reduce their insurance and licensing costs and to have greater
freedom in managing their racing programs without turning most of their
income over to USA Cycling and getting little in return.

FIAC has focused on grass roots cycling, mostly in the Western and
Central sections of the U.S., since 1999 when USA Cycling illegally
removed the voting rights of its members so as to consolidate control of
that "charitable nonprofit corporation" by commercial interests. To
learn more about FIAC see and contact me or any of the
directors listed there.

-Les Earnest, FIAC executive director