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  1. FlyByTire

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    I just received the new Coker handlebar and am having trouble with
    installing the thing on my Coker Big One that I bought earlier this
    year. Here's the handlebar...


    The problem is that the inner diameter of the clamp that goes onto the
    seatpost is slightly smaller than the seatpost itself. I have the
    aluminum seatpost from Coker, rather than the steel version. Has
    anyone else had this problem? I tried to force it on, but you can see
    the results below. In the process of trying to get it to fit, both the
    clamp and the seatpost were damaged. I tried prying the clamp open, but
    any attempt to do this just damaged it more by gouging the aluminum
    through the painted surface. It springs open and then immediately back
    again, so there is no point were I am able to slide it cleanly onto the

    Has anyone successfully installed the handlebar on an aluminum seatpost
    from Coker?





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  2. MuniAddict

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    Hmm, that's strange indeed! The OD for the coker seatpost, whether alum
    or steel is purporedly 25.4mm. They should be identical OD. The only
    thing I found different with the big one, compared to my radial in that
    area, is that the big one's Seat *tube* OD requires a seatpost clamp
    that is 27.2mm!

    This is because the alum seat tube's OD is significantly thicker than
    the radial's steel tube. But again, the *seatpost* OD 25.4mm should fit
    the ID of the coker handle, but apparenltly there is a discrepency
    between the alum and the steel seat post OD's, which should not be-if
    they are *both* 25.4mm. (I guess I'll have to find out for myself as I
    just got a call from Jamey of uniproshop, informing me that -my- coker
    bar has been delivered!)


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