Cold Toes


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Mar 8, 2003
Obviously, during the colder winter months, cyclists experience the problem of cold toes/feet.

Can anyone recommend a problem around this problem?

I'm sure I can't be the only one with this ailment.

I've tried several things such as extra socks, plastic bags and insulating foam (which only caused my feet to sweat more quickly, which in turn made my feet colder because the cold air would cool the sweat around the toes).
Crème, use the crème which is meant to keep the legs warm for your feet.

When your shoes has vents in the sole, glue them closed. If the upper side of your shoe is somwhat of amaze like fiber which lets wind through tape it off.

Use profer size shoes, when to small feet get faster cold.
Or Look for some MtB shoes there is more choice in thicker insulated shoes for mtb.
if it is cold and wet you can't beat neoprene booties, as they stay warm even when wet. the cycling specific ones are easiest to get in and out of but i made some out of diving booties. just cut a hole in the bottom for your cleats. they can be a bugger to get in and out of tho!
if it is cold and dry wear a pair of socks over your shoes (again, cut a hole in the bottom for the cleats). white sports socks are best as they are thicker and give you that pro look!
There are a few things you can do to keep your feet warmer.
Proper fitting footwear is crucial. If shoes don't fit or are too tight they will restrict circulation.
First is proper socks. Synthetic are best and will provide greater insulation when damp or wet compared to wool or cotton (don't wear cotton). Cotton has little or no insulating value when wet. Next is exposed skin, evaporation is a cooling process so as you sweat you cool down layering is good but often impractical when cycling. So chosing clothing is important again try to avoid cotton darker colors can warm you up some as well. most heat is lost through the head so a hat that covers the ears or a layer of fleece inside a helmet can help.
Hands and feet will get cold first as they are extremities. It is important to minimize heat transfer at the handle bars with tape or an insulative grip and at the pedals by using a thermaly reflective insole inside the shoe.
Using a thermal layer inside the cycling shoe can decrease heat loss from not just the pedals but also from cooler air rushing past. A design that covers the toes as well as the sole works best. Hope that helps. Have a great day!:)
Get sealskinz, they are waterproof breathable socks and you can wear them over a pair of thermal socks without having to get bigger shoes. I was out in the cold and the wet yesterday and they worked great

you can get em at camping stores and i think online
have you tried wearing merino wool socks from ice breaker. try here

they have different grades of merino wool based socks. i am planning to buy a pair for this winter's riding.

you can also get toe caps for your shoes, adidas makes them. not sure if they are making it this year. they sure did last year.