Cold weather Clothing


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Apr 3, 2006
First off, I don't want to buy a long sleeve jersey or bib knickers as those are expensive and I will only be able to use those for 2-3 months out of the year.

I havn't ridden in cold weather yet so I don't know how much warmth I'll need. I live in SC so it doesn't get too cold. I'm just looking for stuff to keep me comfortable in down to ~45 degrees F weather.

For the upper body, I guess I'm just looking for something longsleeved to fit under a short sleeve jersey. I was thinking of just getting those arm warmers but then the jersey itself still won't keep me warm enough. Then I was thinking of long sleeve under armor but I think those are designed to keep you cool.

As far as my legs, I'm not sure I'll need anything, at least I won't need any extra warmth before I need it for the upper body. I'll see how it goes but if I do need something, is there something good to get without buying a pair of winter knickers? what about just getting the knee warmers?

Besides that I know I'll need something for my feet and hands cause those get colder faster than the rest of my body. Also, I guess it would be a good idea to get a cap to fit under my helmet.

I'm not looking to spend a lot of money here if you can't tell. I can put up with being a little cold while spending less for 2 months.

I do order some things from performance and nashbar cause my local shop doesnt always have the best selection of clothing so if your familiar with either of those it would help to suggest items they have. Again, if there is a long sleeve shirt to fit under my jersey that is not cycling specific (ie under armor) suggest that as well, cause that seems like it would be a good bet from what I've seen online.
i guess everyone just rides a trainer indoors when it starts getting too cold for them
I use a Craft base layer under my jersey and maybe a rain jacket over the top. That would probably be enough for me at 45 degrees. If it gets any colder than that I'll wear a pair of tights over my cycling shorts.

I have a high tech, breathable jacket now but for years I got by with a cheap department store nylon wind breaker oversized to fit a sweatshirt underneath. That wasn't as comfortable as the combination I have today but it was cheap and it kept me warm.
I've started rides as low as 22 degrees. Tights are the extreme, usually I can get by with good quality knickers and a good quality cycling jacket with thermal baselayer and long sleeve jersey on top.
I use my long underwear tops under my shirt for riding in colder weather. If it's down around 30, I will also wear a windbreaker. For the legs, knickers seem to work fine for me. I also wear neoprene cycling gloves and shoe covers to keep the extremities warm. For even cooler weather, I will also wear my GoreTex helmet cover to keep the wind out.

Of course, the coldest it go here last winter was 26 degrees. :p
They do make a long sleeve under armor shirt for cold weather.I had got my son one last year to play football in.
I bought a couple of yards of whick-away fleece from somewhere, a pattern from Quick sew and I went to work. Long sleeve jersey.
I then bought some lycra, but after I sewed it, it was nearly transparent. Sewing two layers, did a couple of things, made the perfect pair of tights, and a double layer of protection.
I've ridden down into the 20's and been plenty warm with a base layer underneath.
The key is layering.
I plan to ride all winter long. I'm sure I'll take some snow days. But even then, I'm looking at studded tires.
I use a long sleeve jersey when it's in the 60's, especially when the sky is overcast. I never have an issue with being too hot - but I don't like feeling a chill. In SC, I would think a couple of long sleeve jerseys and a wind jacket would suffice.
At 45 degrees a headband for the ears, DeFeet Und-Shirt, DeFeet Leg Warmers, and a Louis Gearneau Gloucester jacket.

For the feet I would get some Smartwool socks and Louis Garneau Protect booties or Stop Zone shoe covers.

I wore this last Saturday for a ride that started at 44 degrees and it was perfect for me.

You should wear leg warmers to protect your knees anytime it is below 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you prefer more flexibility, you could get DeFeet armskins and a wind vest instead of a jacket. I have armskins and a jacket because I ride all winter.