Cold Weather Gear


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Nov 20, 2001
Now that the weather is starting to change, it's time for the annual Cold weather gear recommendations. Since I am from the Great white North. I need some advice on a Jacket and Long bib tights. I started using the Castelli brand of shorts and gloves this year, but I am open to all brands. ???
Doesn't even get cold enough here in South Africa in mid winter to wear thermal bib longs. ;)

I cycled through the coldest part of winter with De Rosa thermal leg warmers, neoprene toe covers, Banesto cycling jacket and Trek winter gloves. I think the northern hemisphere dudes should be more help.
i assume your from ?. any way i have a
body torque rain jacket which also stops wind and keeps you warm it it light and cost me a lot of dogh i cant remember how much but i think it was around $200. i also have leg/arm warmers. i can comment on gloves as my fingers froze to death this winter :(.

the jacket also has reflective strips for night riding. and a few zips to let in air.
A few years back I bought some Sibille Winter gear (Training top & Gloves) while on an overseas trip. This is obviously designed for European weather since it's quite adequate for South African conditions. Especially the jacket - it's Scotchgard'ed on the Nylon panels and has excellent breathing holes at key areas. As for the gloves, never wore a warmer pair in my life. The Sibille brand is one of those brands which makes top quality Winter clothing.