Cold + Wet Feet!!!!

Steve Junior

New Member
Nov 3, 2002
Doing long endurance ride are hard enough when the weather is nice, but when it is wet and cold it sux!!<br />What do you all do to avoid wet and cold feet, i have a pair of pro vision overshoes but they dont do enough!!<br />any tips welcome!<br />Thanx<br />Steve
move to Australia ;D, it hasn't rained properly here in 6 months<br /><br />although that said it DID manage to rain last time i went for a long ride <br /><br />
On a serious note when i was in the army i used to use waterproof breathable socks by sealskinz.<br /><br />check them out at<br /><br />they are a bit expensive but they work very well and saved me from hours of misery. just be careful with them when you wash them ie handwash them
Hold a peice of plasic carrier bag over the leaking parts of your shoes with elastic bands and cover with overshoes!!