Columbus tubes - SL vs Brain vs. Thron

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David E. Belche

Dear All,

Looking for a bit of advice on frames built with the above - do the latter two have clear-cut
advantages (for competitive use) over SL which would make buying a new frame worthwhile? Reason for
asking is that I'm considering replacing my cyclo-cross frame, since (a) the standover height is
less than ideal - I think I need 56cm c-c not 58 as is the current case and (b) modern 'cross frames
are built to take fatter tyres and thus mud clearances are more generous. My current frame is about
17 years old, and suffers from poor clearance around the brake bosses and fork crown - at the height
of a British autumn, build-up of dead leaves, etc. causes the front wheel to lock when racing on
wooded courses. Peugeot market a very nice 'cross bike here in the UK which appears to be just the
job, though web sources seem a bit ambiguous as to the tubeset used - some claim Brain, others
Thron. I know Brain is the better of the two, but are both superior to SL for my needs? The Peugeot
has an oversize profiled down tube, too, which looks as though it ought to cut out unwanted flex, so
that's a point in its favour. Equipment is a bit basic, but it's the frameset that's of interest -
would probably transplant bits from the current bike, and use the Peugeot's parts on my SL frame as
a spare machine/everyday runabout. All feedback gratefully received, as ever.

Regards, David E. Belcher

Dept. of Chemistry, University of York
deb-<< do the latter two have clear-cut advantages (for competitive use) over SL

Brain was essentially oversized SL...Thron generally oversized but a thicker walled
versuion of Brain.

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I'd just like to add a big "thank you" to Jeff Martin & Peter Chisholm for their swift feedback re.
this topic.

David E. Belcher

Dept. of Chemistry, University of York
Brain vs. Thorn

Both of these tubesets are very similar. Of the two, Brain uses a higher grade of metal and
the tubes are slightly lighter due to shorter butts. I wouldn't call the differences
significant however. In fact, it seems strange to me that Columbus would market two tubesets
that are so similar.

Columbus has dropped Brain from their lineup so maybe this is why the confusing Thorn/Brain info on
the frame in question. In either case, the new frame will be stiffer than your old one due to the
larger tube diameters.

Good luck.

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