Communication while on tour - Pocketmail worked great for me!

Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by Velonut, Mar 28, 2003.

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    For the past couple of years I have carried around my little Pocketmailer. I originally bought it to
    ride from FL to DC in 2000. You must buy the device and then the service. The small device (it
    really is small) uploads and downloads automatically.

    Worked great. I even used it from Germany. There I bought a calling card for 10 DM and used tht card
    to access the Pocketmail service. I figure it cost me about 20 cents to check my mail from Germany.

    The service costs about $16 per month and is accessed through a toll free number. I turn it on and
    off depending on my needs. Right now it is turned off and the pocketmailer is sitting forlornly in a
    dresser drawer waiting for my next extended trip.

    I find that the Pocketmailer and my Sprint PCS cell fone provide reliable communication while on the
    road. Everywhile once in a while I would encounter a pay phone in such bad shape that the
    pocketmailer could not connect to the toll free number. In that case had to search around a bit to
    find a good one.

    Click on I do not have any stock in the company - just a satisfied user.


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