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May 7, 2016
I don't usually wear a helmet when using my bike to commute and peddle around town, but after hearing the endless horror stories I am starting to consider it. I'm looking for comfort, but I also want something that isn't too silly looking. It can get both cold and hot where I am so I'd like something with removable liners of some sort. Anyone have any suggestions. Comfort is priority number one.
No one here knows what "silly looking" means to you.
And no one here can say what shape will be a comfortable fit for your head.
Removeable liners for helmets isn't a clever idea, since removing them would change the fit of the helmet, thereby changing the protective properties.
What you can find though are helmet COVERS.
Unfortunately for you, they're usually in Hi-Viz color, which I, for no particular reason, suspect that you might think of as "silly looking".
I just don't want to look like an alien riding to work everyday. I think the best course of action here is to just get off my lazy butt and try a few on for myself.
I just don't want to look like an alien riding to work everyday.

There's not a helmet out there that doesn't look dorky to the non-cycling masses. Most of us gave up giving a rat's ass what other people think about our appearance a long time ago, anyway. Safety is why we wear a helmet and anything that meets the approval of the various testing laboratories and agencies is going to offer a level of protection that's 'good enough'.

Almost all helmets are comfortable, fit well and look good...for someone. The next guy may not like the fit, the feel or the aesthetics. Like you said, you're just going to have to go out and try a few on an get a feel for what you like.

I don't know of any helmet that has a removable liner, but there are cold weather covers and rain covers available. Most of us wear a cycling cap, a thin beanie, ear covers or a balaclava under the helmet when it gets cold. Most road helmets offer pretty good ventilation and air flow for warm to hot days. For those really hot days? Not much you can do but sweat.
I just don't want to look like an alien riding to work everyday.
Check out skateboard/roller skate/inline helmets.
They offer a comparable degree of protection, and are often simpler in design. Poorer ventilation though.
Ignore what people say about having dorky and silly head gear. Any cyclist's number one priority is safety. I've been down on the ground so many times due to careless actions. Other than that, you can try checking amazon as they have great deals on helmets. Most of the gear I get is either from craigslist or amazon.
I just don't want to look like an alien riding to work everyday. I think the best course of action here is to just get off my lazy butt and try a few on for myself.

Well, if you don't want to look like an alien then why not use a motorcycle helmet that would cover your entire head? At least even if you look silly, people wouldn't know you unless you wear a unique jersey with your name emblazoned on it. But seriously, it is better to look like a silly alien than to have a cracked skull. You don't know when accidents would strike and once you figure in one then that's the time to regret.
It's not really that heavy or anything, why not just wear it? In the rare event that you MAY need it, you'll be happy that you did, as your brain is pretty much the most important part of your body. You can break your hands, your legs, but if you injure your brain, you're in for some serious trouble. I know it doesn't seem like much when you're not needing it, but a helmet is definitely something that can save your life, and that's not even an understatement. You can have concussions, headaches, but you're still alive, and that is really the point of wearing a helmet.
I ended up going with a lighter pro-tec helmet. I had one like it years ago so I opted for another lighter version of the one I used it have.
Some helmets have closeable vents for cooler days, also you can always buy a helmet cap (not sure why they're called that since they go on the head and not the helmet), anyways, the helmet cap will keep your head warmer and some even have pull down ear flaps. Also you can add to the warmth by getting a helmet rain cover which will keep the wind off the head then along with the helmet cap your head should remain relatively warm.

Below is just one example of many of these sort of things; the helmet cover doesn't need to be expensive, the cheap one I listed works just as good as expensive ones:

Or if you want a helmet cover that will be more noticeablethere is a neon yellow one too:

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