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    hello! I am new to the world of biking and need some help choosing a good's a little about what I need... Ill be using the bike mainly as a commuter to and from work/school. To be ridden roughly 16miles a day through the city. I would like to take it on some beginner trails, but not completely necessary. I'm more concerned about it holding up through my daily commute. I'm a 5'6" female. 130lbs. ...seems like that information is important sometimes. I've been looking at bikes on craigslist and found a Gary Fisher Capitola hybrid in my price range. Will that bike be sufficient? Thoughts? Suggestions?

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    FWIW. 'I' think that the Gary Fisher Capitola could be a good bike for what you plan to use it for ... and/or, it could be made to be a good bike for the purpose you propose ...

    • SOME 'immediate' maintenance or 'eventual' changes may be necessary.

    FYI. The particular bike was apparently NOT very expensive (when new, it had an MSRP of ~$300), so $100-to-$150 is probably a "fair" price, depending on the condition ...

    • if the bike needs new tires/etc. then closer to $100-or-less ...
    • if it is ready-to-ride-, then $150 is "okay" BUT, you may be able to get a comparable NOS bike from a bike shop for under $200 -- 50% of MSRP on a several year old model NOS bike should not be unexpected, IMO

    YOUR height, regardless of the specifics of your arm-and-leg lengths, does matter ...

    Consequenly, IMO, you will probably want a "Hybrid" whose virtual top tube is in the 56-to-57 cm range at the most ... no longer... 54cm may be better if you think you will prefer a slightly more upright riding position ... shorter, still (if available), if you think that you may ever want to put DROP handlebars on the bike.

    • I 'love' Hybrid bikes ...
    • 'I' think Hybrids with Rigid forks are great ...
    • and, one of my current "project" bikes (finally!?!) involves resurrecting a Hybrid frame on which I've allowed to collect dust for the past dozen-or-so years as a Road bike with Drop bars, etc. ... I have a lot of "spare" parts, so 'my' actual cost will be low
    • basically, some might suggest that I'll be making a silk-purse-out-of-a-sow's-ear!?!